words from clients
Direct feedback from people that I’ve worked with in my practices.

  • The energy healing was a potent incredible experience.
    Wei W., NY, NY
  • I have met with Norma to learn about her Embodied Root Wholeness process and have also taken time to practice it on my own several times. Afterwards, what I noticed was an awareness of my surroundings, in a good way. I felt more connected to everything around me and felt like my head was clearer, like I was less burdened with the small negative thoughts that typically hold me back from the things I want to sense and experience throughout my day.
    Veronica, Austin, TX
  • I had a magical time with Norma in the woods. I tried not to have any expectations at all, and simple trust and go where the journey took us. It took us deep and to a beautiful place of healing, for which I am very grateful. I came home feeling at peace and completely in my body, and full of gratitude for this time and for Norma’s energy. I will be booking another hike in the woods soon!
    Tiffany W, Austin, TX
  • Thank you again for the session yesterday!  It was really significant.  The work you are doing is powerful!
    Susan, Minneapolis, MN
  • Norma is an amazing local guide who helps cultivate a unique and moving experience.
    Rich D., NY, NY
  • Setting my intention before the experience made a difference and Norma delivered. She is intuitive, authentic and she was very tuned into my needs. She blended that all with nature. I left seeing life from a new perspective. A wonderful way to spend my time. I recommend this journey!
    Mary B, Dallas, TX
  • I just wanted you to know again how grateful I am for that experience. I keep thinking like something is missing because I feel so much better. It’s like an incredible weight has been lifted.
    Louise, Averett, WA
  • Thank you so much for guiding me yesterday!  I appreciate your expertise and mindset.  I’m feeling great and am loving my heart/body consciousness and connectedness.
    Lauren H., Phoenix, AZ
  • Amazing life changing experience. Have never been so in touch/one with nature. Definitely would 110% recommend.
    Julia A., San Francisco, CA
  • Norma gave us a wonderful introduction to the natural beauty of Austin in a thoughtful and mindful way. Her storytelling was captivating, and her journey took us through a very nice spiritual awakening and a better understanding of our place in the Universe. Thank you Norma for providing a unique and profound experience for our family!
    Ed, Silicon Valley, CA
  • Highly recommend this experience! I didn’t realize how badly I needed this until I experienced it. I feel so calm and relaxed. I learned a few things and I have Norma to thank.
    Diana, Houston, TX
  • Norma and I did some really powerful energy healing in the greenbelt. It was a truly transformative experience for me and it would not have been possible without her support and presence.
    Catherine, Austin, TX
  • The energy healing gave me a fresh perspective on a problem I was facing and helped me truly see it in a new way. That understanding unlocked a new awareness, and when similar issues come up, has changed how I respond and feel in those situations. It really feels like I have more power over how I experience my life.
  • I had very painful experiences of neglect during my childhood, and now that person is dying.  I knew I needed to look at it, but didn’t have a path for doing so.  After going through the Embodied Root Wholeness process one time, I still have pain over the memories, but now the pain is ‘clean.’  It is no longer entangled with my self-worth, and I know that it wasn’t about me at all.  I don’t take the childhood experiences or relationship dynamics personally any more, and I feel more empowered in dealing with the current situation – it doesn’t overwhelm me, I have ‘power’ over it, and I deal with it when/as I choose – rather than it taking over and engulfing me.
    Ali, Maple Grover, MN
Nothing heals in judgment.