Hi There! Nice to meet you!

I’m Norma – idealist, truth-teller, and healer.  Mother.  Listener.  So very human.  And so very Divine.

I work at the intersection of human relationships and spiritual awakening and emergence. Where the human meets the divine, I provide tools to embody more wholeness.

I believe it is the most natural thing in the world to live a very human life while being connected with, enveloped within, our innate spirituality. To live from a place of being completely connected between our heads and our hearts.

This integration is called Spiritual Emergence, and it is a re-membering of the interconnection of all of life. Which is actually our deepest truth.

And when we re-awaken to this interconnection, it changes everything about how we experience our lives. It frees us up, lightens our footprint, and releases painful personal relationship dynamics.

We can all reconnect this split within ourselves. Living from a place of wholeness is deeply healing within our cells.

This has been my experience, my path back to wholeness, and I am here to share this path.

I offer tools and resources to share this path back to wholeness for those that are drawn to the path of reconnecting their own head and the heart, and living from there.

​Because I believe we are all capable of, and responsible for, healing ourselves. For touching our own souls.

As John the Evangelizer said, “Your truth is holy. Your deepest truth is the holiest thing about you.” This path, and these tools, are the truest things I know, and as such, are the holiest thing about me. Because it’s holy, it is truly not mine, but only reflected and brought into the world through me.

If you’d like to meet, or practice in person, or hang out in the woods and meet your true nature, start your healing journey with a free discovery chat. Simply complete the Contact form, and I’ll be in touch soon.

See you on the trails!

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Yes I said yes I will yes.
James Joyce