Find Freedom
inside of you
If you want to transform something on the outside, start with transforming on the inside.
Integrating Barriers * Catalyzing New Growth * Quantum Energy Coaching

Hi!  I’m Norma, and I hold space for those seeking to expand expression of their unique essence in the world – whether through an improved relationship, a new project, an artistic expression, a healed health condition…or simply to love being alive, even more.

Quantum Physics tells us that when we observe an event, the event changes.  This also means that how we view the event changes it.  Put another way: our inner state changes what we see on the outside.  Taking complete responsibility for the quality of the energy that we embody, and therefore the quality of the energy that we put into the world, changes how we experience our world.

The path to greater outer expression is greater inner coherence. 

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The world is too dangerous for anything but truth, and too small for anything but love.

William Sloan Coffin